Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

The growing popularity of raw honey is not a coincidence. The health benefits are amazing. Here are a few health benefits of raw honey that might interest you:


Honey contains powerful antioxidants that defend against free radicals. It’s no wonder why many cosmetic companies are loading their beauty products with honey claiming to provide a Vitamin C rich cleanse and moisturizer for your skin and hair.

Fight Infection

Raw honey has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that have been used as a topical treatment for wounds as far back as ancient times. Many of those who are allergic to ointments find raw and natural honey to relieve sores and reduce swelling and scaring of many wounds. Additionally, people with diabetic ulcers may also treat them with the health benefits of raw honey.

Immunotherapy for Allergies

People can develop seasonal allergies when exposed to allergens and pollens wherever they live. Many people eat seasonal honey to try to remedy their symptoms through whats called immunotherapy. Those who have bad allergies in the spring time from the blooming trees and flowers prefer the lighter spring honey. Others who fight the fall pollen allergies such as that caused by golden rod prefer to eat the fall honey. Just one tablespoon each day of local honey may help relieve the effects of these allergies. Because commercial honey is usually heated to make it easier to extract from the cone, most of their beneficial properties are lost. In fact, many commercialized brands don’t even show a trace of pollen.

Sweet Goodness

The health benefits of raw honey are clear with its many beneficial and useful properties. The one property many of us finds the most useful is, simply, its sweet taste. It is a natural sweetener that provides instant energy. Many prefer its’ natural sweetness to cane sugar. It is also a healthy food supplement.

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