BROOKLYN-IS-WHERE-Hillside Honey is made in Windham County Connecticut in the town of Brooklyn. We started making honey in 2009 because we heard that it was healthy and would help fight our allergies. We thought it would be interesting to try. All we have to do is purchase a few books and magazines on the subject, buy some supplies and some bees and Voila! We would have all the honey we could possibly want.

Boy, were we wrong. The first year, our hive didn’t produce much honey at all. We managed to get out a few frames in the fall…being stung and chased around the yard for the trouble. Then, unfortunately most of the bees didn’t make it through the winter. We tried to do everything that we were supposed to do (or so we thought) but finally decided to get in touch with the local bee keeping association and join a class.

In the winter of 2010, we went to weekly classes on beekeeping at a local college. During those 10 to 12 hours of information, we learned that we had known nothing at all about bee keeping. In fact, ALL beekeepers will continue to learn additional bee keeping skills for the rest of their lives. That is because everything is changing constantly and you either need to adapt the changes to your routine or your bees will die. As you can imagine, losing your bees can be frustrating and costly.

In the spring of 2010 we bought another hive and tried it again. By fall, we finally had a small amount of honey that we were able to extract; just enough to put some in our coffee for a few months. It was rewarding to keep the bees alive and finally enjoy some honey. That winter both of our hives survived and we added two more in the spring of 2011.

We have continually tried our best to manage our bees and keep them alive and healthy. Over the last few years we have lost some hives and added some new ones. Better yet, we were able to save some from year to year. Our oldest hive is now three years old, which is considered a pretty old hive nowadays.

Unfortunately, there are many issues that bees are facing in our modern world.

It is becoming a major concern that bees are disappearing. The more bee keepers in our communities the better the hope for our future is. Bees and bugs pollinate most of the plant crops we consume and orchards rent bees to pollinate their fruit crops when they are in flower. If we don’t take the time to realize where our food is coming from and the troubles that we are causing the earth, we might find that some of our favorite foods are extinct. Bees are very important to our survival and we hope that the bees, and people, will continue to thrive for many more generations.

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